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    Fast Delivery

    Efficiency of Production is increased sales,purchaser,designer and product department’ssolidarity and cooperat-ion. Also first-Classproduction line ensures no pressure....


    Excellent Quality

    We mainly use Toshiba’s original authentic full capacity chip, not the upgraded and expansive ones, so we can guarantee to have the highest quality at the same price level....


    Good Service

    We are able to provide the highest quality, fastest and most comprehensive service. Impeccable service system. allows us the fastest speed at your service....




    Free samples can be provided to evaluating its quality and logo printing. Sample fee will be deduced automatically in bulk order payment.

     Learn more

    Adding Your Logo

    We can provide 8 different printing ways to display your logo perfectly, they are laser printing, silk printing, color printing...

     Learn more

    Product Customization

    If you are not interested in online products, please contact us, more products can be provide for reference. Also, we can customize you...

     Learn more

    Online Quote

    Online quotation can be provided for you, but you need to register an account on webpage, which enable us to email quotation and save...

     Learn more

    Color comparison

    We take PANTONE as our standard of comparison. If you could not provide exact color code,

     Learn more

    File uploading

    We help to upload you required files, such as your promotional literature, product photos, marketing ads, etc. This services contributes to promote...

     Learn more


    We support environment protection proposal. We are turned to make beautiful &amp...

     Learn more


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